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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Do you have a Wealth Management Roadmap?

| April 30, 2015
Throughout your life, you have heard it over and over again:


The only rational medium for an advisory relationship worthy of the name—and the only basis for an investment portfolio—is a plan. Be it as simple as a retirement income plan that we write out and agree on, or as ambitious as a comprehensive financial and estate plan, we can only relate to each other successfully through a plan. A portfolio is never an end itself; it is a means to the ends of the plan, or it’s nothing.

After 22 years of experience, I have come to realize that all successful investing is goals focused and plan based.  Consequently, I have come to realize that all unsuccessful investing is market focused & timing driven.  An investment is NOT a plan.  A plan requires planning, and planning requires an experienced financial planner.

Watch this short video:  PLANNING VIDEO

In my experience, most people simply don’t know how to begin.  So how do you go about creating a comprehensive plan?  What elements make up a comprehensive plan?  I developed a proprietary Wealth Management Roadmap to answer these very questions.

Step #1 Discovery Process – Financial Roadmap Meeting
Step #2 Implementation Meeting
Step #3 Progress Meeting
Step #4 Investment Counseling & Portfolio Management Meeting
Step #5 Risk Management Meeting
Step #6 Tax Planning Meeting

If you would like a copy of our proprietary Wealth Management Roadmap, please contact me:

Would you like help completing your Wealth Management Roadmap?  In the 21st Century, every family needs a Trusted Financial Advisor.  A Trusted Financial Advisor is someone who acts like a “Family Friend” helping clients make smart choices with their money!